2016-01-01 09:24 pm

2016: Project Plus One (One For All)

I was just thinking, this year has 366 days. Now it's a new year and we have an additional day to live by. I was wondering, what would this year be? I will start my journey here on the 1st of January, 2016 writing down the 366 pages of the book A.K.A. my year/life. Our last album, Monochrome was done for the year 2015. We thought of creating a new album this year, either calling it Plus One, or One For All, yes, we write songs and whenever we feel something deep inside, we just let it all out in a song. Well, it's another 365 plus one day to live with, facing with new journeys ahead, and some people say that every new year, it's always the time to change. For me, at any point in our lives, we change, and we can't stop it. But always keep in mind that if we change, we must always change for the better, and not only every new year celebrations, but every day that you live, you must change for the better. Now set aside those bitterness, anger, hate, despair, anxiety, and other negative auras with you and always have a positive outlook in life, even though we can't just simply dodge these problems that we face, but aren't they the reasons why we grow, learn, and do something better for out lives? We have another 365 plus one days to laugh, cry, sing, dance, learn, hope, and embark on this another adventure that has been set upon us. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! MMXVI